Connect: Network Building


The power of Mentor support!

Edge4Vets is unique in that we blend "strengths-based" instruction with personal support from business mentors.

Our research shows that many veterans know they have skills from the military. The anxiety comes from not knowing how to "break in" and thus vets wonder whether they'll be able to get a job that can lead to a career and give them the life they want.

We deal with this anxiety directly: Edge4Vets invites employees from our partner companies to join the workshops and serve as "listening agents" for the veterans as we lay out steps to create a Plan4Success. Mentors provide feedback and guidance during this translation process - this not only helps veterans become "job ready," but helps vets build their network of job contacts.


Once you sign up to take our CONNECTION WORKSHOP you'll be in the game!

At the workshop, HR reps and hiring managers from our partner companies will help you start work on your PLAN and create a draft. Following the session, you'll be able to take that draft and refine it before submitting your PLAN to receive your Edge4Vets Certificate.

In addition, HR reps will bring a list of job openings to the workshop - they will work with you to match your skills and interests from your Plan4Success to job and career opportunities at their companies.

So get started today - get in the game!


Profiles in Success

Achievement Stories

Testimonials of vets applying their military skills to advance their careers and life.

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Partner companies providing mentors

  • Partner Companies American Airlines
  • Partner Companies Analog Devices
  • Partner Companies Boston Scientific
  • Partner Companies Carnival Corp
  • Partner Companies CBS
  • Partner Companies CVS Health
  • Partner Companies Delta
  • Partner Companies Deutsche Bank
  • Partner Companies Draper
  • Partner Companies Eversource
  • Partner Companies Fresnesius
  • Partner Companies Hasbro
  • Partner Companies Jet Blue
  • Partner Companies Kronos
  • Partner Companies Macquaire Bank
  • Partner Companies Medtronic
  • Partner Companies Sig Sauer
  • Partner Companies Standard Chartered
  • Partner Companies Textron
  • Partner Companies United Natural Foods
  • Partner Companies Vertex
  • Partner Companies Vigilant Resources