Prepare: Workshop Series

VETS, you've served our country & now you're home looking for a job!

But you don't want just any job. You want work that will lead to a career and give you the life you want. Watch our video to see how Edge4Vets can give you an "edge!"

How Edge4Vets works

Edge4Vets offers what we call a system of Prep and Connect. This is what makes Edge4Vets different from other vet job prep programs – we blend "job readiness" training with personal support from business mentors to set you on a pathway to career success.

In the first segment, Prep, we help you achieve what business leaders say you need to most; that is to translate your military strengths into tools for civilian success


Once you register, we'll send you a WELCOME VIDEO showing how the program works. We'll include "tips" on ways to prepare in advance for the Connection Workshop so you can start making yourself "job ready" to gain maximum benefits from the workshop.

The Connect Workshop is the core of the program, HR reps and hiring managers from our partner companies will sit with you and serve as mentors to guide you through the process of creating a personal Plan4Success. Mentors will not only help you gain CLARITY on your strengths, but will help you MATCH your skills and interests to jobs that can lead to careers at our partner companies.

Following the workshop, we'll send you an invitation to our ONLLINE COURSE. You'll be able to work at your own speed to take your notes from the workshop and refine your PLAN4SUCCESS before submitting it to us. Once you submit your PLAN we'll send you an Edge4Vets CERTIFICATE you can use to secure interviews and gain an "edge."

Edge4Vets works with veterans organization in local communities where we offer workshops. We'll connect you to these resources for "wrap around support" – including resume writing, interview prep, counseling and more – so you get the most from your Edge4Vets experience.

The Edge4Vets system of Prep and Connect really works: research shows that up to 8 out of 10 vets who have take Edge4Vets and complete all the steps in the program get jobs!

How It Works

Join Edge4Vets! It's easy as 1-2-3!



Select the workshop (and location) that work best for you. We offer a "General" program for those who wish to prepare for jobs in business, finance, pharma, etc, as well as an "Edge4Vets at Airports" program for those who wish to prepare for jobs at our partner AIRPORTS.


Connect Workshop

Take our CONNECTION WORKSHOP - you'll learn how to TRANSLATE your military skills into TOOLS for civilian success, see the sample video shown here. At the Connection Workshop business mentors from our partner companies provide feedback and support to help you create a four-part PLAN4SUCCESS that will give you an "edge" in the jobs marketplace.

This video shows how the online course helps you translate your military skills


Take the Online Course to FINALIZE your Plan

Following the workshop, our online course will help you complete the process. We'll show you how to refine your Plan4Success and submit it to earn your Edge4Vets CERTIFICATE of Completion.

You can use your PLAN when you apply for jobs but also we share your PLANS4SUCCESS with senior HR reps at our partner companies! This can be worth gold to you!



Network Building

Get connected to HR reps for job opportunities at our partner companies.

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